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Cuckoo Malware Analysis / Livro

Cuckoo Malware Analysis

Cuckoo Sandbox is a leading open source automated malware analysis system.

This means that you can throw any suspicious file at it and, in a matter of seconds, Cuckoo will provide you with some detailed results outlining what said file did when executed inside an isolated environment.

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Continuous Enterprise Development in Java / Livro

Continuous Enterprise Development in Java

Learn a use-case approach for developing Java enterprise applications in a continuously test-driven fashion.

With this hands-on guide, authors and JBoss project leaders Andrew Lee Rubinger and Aslak Knutsen show you how to build high-level components, from persistent storage to the user interface, using the Arquillian testing platform and several other JBoss projects and tools.

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Mastering Ext JS / Livro

Mastering Ext JS

Build an application with Ext JS from scratch.

Learn expert tips and tricks to make your web applications look stunning.

Create professional screens such as login, menus, grids, tree, forms, and charts.

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Pro AngularJS / Livro

Pro AngularJS

AngularJS is the leading framework for building dynamic JavaScript applications that take advantage of the capabilities of modern browsers and devices.

AngularJS, which is maintained by Google, brings the power of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern to the client, providing the foundation for complex and rich web apps.

It allows you to build applications that are smaller, faster, and with a lighter resource footprint than ever before.

Best-selling author Adam Freeman explains how to get the most from AngularJS.

He begins by describing the MVC pattern and the many benefits that can be gained from separating your logic and presentation code.

He then shows how you can use AngularJS's features within in your projects to produce professional-quality results.

Starting from the nuts-and-bolts and building up to the most advanced and sophisticated features AngularJS is carefully unwrapped, going in-depth to give you the knowledge you need.

Each topic is covered clearly and concisely and is packed with the details you need to learn to be truly effective.

The most important features are given a no-nonsense in-depth treatment and chapters include common problems and details of how to avoid them.

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terça-feira, 22 de Abril de 2014

Ext JS in Action / Livro

Ext JS in Action

This cross-browser JavaScript library provides an extensive collection of high-quality widgets, an intuitive and extensible component model, and a rich API that enterprise developers find especially comfortable to use.

And they have used it to build rock-solid web applications, in many very different companies including Adobe, Aetna, Amazon, Best Buy, Hallmark, Panasonic, Pixar, Siemens, Sony, and Visa.

Ext JS in Action is a comprehensive guide to Ext JS.

By following its rich examples, patterns, and best practices, you'll achieve the kinds of results you only see in top JavaScript applications.

This book thoroughly explores every class, component, and model, and shows you how to build rich, dynamic user interfaces and responsive applications.

You will learn Ext JS inside and out—and your apps will stand out from the crowd.

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Feedback Control for Computer Systems / Livro

Feedback Control for Computer Systems

How can you take advantage of feedback control for enterprise programming?

With this book, author Philipp K. Janert demonstrates how the same principles that govern cruise control in your car also apply to data center management and other enterprise systems.

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Running Mainframe z on Distributed Platforms / Livro

Running Mainframe z on Distributed Platforms

“Should you choose to implement zPDT, RDz UT, or RD&T in your team's arsenal, you will find Barrett and Norris’s insights, genius, and hard work illuminating as to how to rationally and economically manage the environment.” —Scott Fagen, Chief Architect—System z Business, CA Technologies.

“A must-read for anyone interested in successfully deploying cost-efficient zPDT environments with agility in an enterprise that requires simple or complex configurations.

The case-study-based exposition of the content allows for its easy consumption and use. Excellent!” — Mahendra Durai, SVP & Information Technology Officer, CA.

Running Mainframe z on Distributed Platforms reveals alternative techniques not covered by IBM for creatively adapting and enhancing multi-user IBM zPDT environments so that they are more friendly, stable, and reusable than those envisaged by IBM.

The enhancement processes and methodologies taught in this book yield multiple layers for system recovery, 24x7 availability, and superior ease of updating and upgrading operating systems and subsystems without having to rebuild environments from scratch.

Most of the techniques and processes covered in this book are not new to either the mainframe or distributed platforms.

What is new in this book are the authors’ innovative methods for taking distributed environments running mainframe virtual machine (VM) and multiple virtual storage (MVS) and making them look and feel like other MVS systems.

The authors’ combined expertise involves every aspect of the implementation of IBM zPDT technology to create virtualized mainframe environments by which the mainframe operations on a z series server can be transitioned to distributed platforms.

All of the enhancement methods consecutively laid out in this book have been architected and developed by the authors for the CA Technologies distributed platform.

Barrett and Norris impart these techniques and processes to CIOs and CTOs across the mainframe and distributed fields, to zPDT and RDz UT implementers, and to IBM’s independent software vendors and customers.

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Sound Visualization and Manipulation / Livro

Sound Visualization and Manipulation

Advances in signal processing technology are enabling ever more accurate visualization of existing sound fields and precisely defined sound field production.

The idea of explaining both the problem of sound visualization and the problem of the manipulation of sound within one book supports this inter-related area of study.

With rapid development of array technologies, it is possible to do much in terms of visualization and manipulation, among other technologies involved with the spatial distribution of sound.

This book aims to explore various basic functions for the visualization and manipulation and demonstrate to the reader how these properties determine the quality of visualization and manipulation.

The first half of the book introduces some basic and general concepts and theories and the second part of the book explains a number of techniques in sound visualization and manipulation.

It offers a unified presentation to two very different topics - sound field visualization techniques based on microphone arrays, and techniques for generation of controlled sound fields using loudspeaker arrays.

The authors emphasize the similarities between these two physical problems and between the mathematical methods used for solving them.

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